Aug 24, 2013

By the light of the moon

Sometimes, no, most of the time I can hardly believe that I am living in the setting I've always (or at least for as long as I can remember) dreamed of living in.
It was always one of those dreams that in my mind I thought would be nice, but I couldn't ever bring myself to believe it would come true. 
Now, here I am and I am still finding it hard to believe.
It's something I thank God for daily on my morning wanderings with Lexi.
In fact that's what I was doing when we walked back up to the house the morning I took this picture.
The moon through the trees looking like it wasn't about to give up it's place to the sun.
The warm lights glowing through the windows seeming to beam back the glow I feel in my chest every time I come back home.

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