Sep 26, 2011

One in a Million

January 23, 1999~August 17, 2011


She liked to be tucked in under her fleece blanket on winter nights.

The girl loved her toys. . .


She also liked to watch TV. . .


Mmmmm, cheeseballs

When I recovered my kitchen chairs, after I scotch guarded them, I set them out on the deck to dry.

I looked out a few minutes later and saw this

She cracked me up.  Such a silly, quirky dog.

Resting after a strenuous morning of opening Christmas presents.  Resting, yet making sure no one takes the one she saved for last.

This is how I will always picture Hope in my heart~sleeping with her toy in her mouth.

Well, we may not have had 25 years, but we had a good run.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sep 20, 2011

Oh, hello there. . .

Apparently, I'm not the only one who likes the gardenia plants beside my front porch.

Sep 10, 2011

Clothesline Therapy

There is something about the simple act of hanging clothes out to dry that lifts my spirits.
~stepping out into the quiet morning~
~the sun on my shoulders~
~the sounds of the birds and bugs in the trees~
~keeping an eye on the woods, hoping to see a deer wander by~
~a grateful heart for where I get to live~
And maybe, the best of all, sleeping in sheets that have been soaked in sunshine.
My idea of luxury