Apr 8, 2014


Errrr. . . Happy New Year!
I took these pictures bright and early on New Year's morning. (Well, not so bright as you can see.)  It was a beautiful, grey, misty dawn--one of my most favorite settings to photograph.

My favorite way to start off a new year is to wake up very early and get out on a trail somewhere.
This particular trail was perfect and it being super early on New Year's day, Lexi and I had the place almost to ourselves.  I had time to wander and think.  To think about the past year. The mistakes (quite a few), the blessings (way more than I could ever deserve), the plans that worked out and the ones that didn't.  The chances I took and the fears that kept me from taking the chances I should have.
I had time to think about the year to come. The things I want to be different and the things I hope remain constant.  The person I want to become.  The ways I'm going to push myself towards my dreams and goals for my future.

It was a good walk and the most me way to start off a year.
And this post being 4 months late in the posting is sadly, very me too.  : )