Jul 21, 2017

Not even close

I feel so grateful when I realize I've noticed the beauty that surrounds me.  The sky the other night was beyond gorgeous.  The clouds looked particularly fluffy and lit from within.  
I tried to capture the beauty, but did not even come close.  I wanted to post them anyway just as a little reminder to myself to keep my eyes and my heart open. I grieve the times I haven't taken in my surroundings in all my rushing around. 
These photos look so flat compared to what my eyes drank in the other evening~but when I look at them, I can still see that wondrous sight.
I feel like I'm always running, trying to fit in one more thing.  When I take a moment to stop, take a breath and open my eyes, I'm always so dazzled by what I see, hear and feel.
I hope I never stop being awed by God's artistry.