Jul 25, 2016

Focus and Optimism

I have to keep reminding myself, 53 days is not THAT long.
It's been less than 2 months since I made the leap of leaving my comfort zone of a steady paycheck and an office full of people I truly care about for the unknown of following my heart.
I sometimes wake up panicked that I've made a terrible mistake, that this will never work, that I won't be able to earn a living from the work of my hands and my heart.
The doubt and fear overtake me, my eyes well up, I start to sweat.
It was very unlike me to take such a leap of faith and hope. I'm someone who tends to remain in the safety of the known.
But what was also known to me was that I was unhappy.  I wasn't doing what I truly wanted to do with my time and talents. There was such a sense of something missing.
When I leaped, I knew my business was not going to take off like a rocket just because that was what I was hoping for, 
I knew that this is something that will take time.  There will be good days and bad days and the important thing is to keep putting my whole heart and soul into my work.
To let the bad days just sweep past me, acknowledge them, learn what I can from them and move on.
To not let doubt overtake hope.
To keep my heart and mind and hands focused on my work and know that the good days will come too.
So I keep working and dreaming and being joyful in that.