Aug 30, 2013

A Perfect Summer Day

Perfect weather.
Beautiful water.
Cool breezes.
Good food.
Great friends.

::there were some huge, fancy, mansionish houses on the lake, but this was my favorite.
It looked so cozy and inviting tucked into the woods at the edge of the water.::

Aug 24, 2013

By the light of the moon

Sometimes, no, most of the time I can hardly believe that I am living in the setting I've always (or at least for as long as I can remember) dreamed of living in.
It was always one of those dreams that in my mind I thought would be nice, but I couldn't ever bring myself to believe it would come true. 
Now, here I am and I am still finding it hard to believe.
It's something I thank God for daily on my morning wanderings with Lexi.
In fact that's what I was doing when we walked back up to the house the morning I took this picture.
The moon through the trees looking like it wasn't about to give up it's place to the sun.
The warm lights glowing through the windows seeming to beam back the glow I feel in my chest every time I come back home.

Aug 4, 2013

My very favorite kind of morning

Waking up early.
The sweetness of the morning air, holding on briefly to the cool of the night.
A dog's smiling face in my rear view mirror.
Her joyous leap out of the truck, ready to take in all the new scents of a place yet to be explored.
The golden light of early morning transforming dew drops into a field of glittering diamonds.
The appreciation for rising early--for just a short while later it is just a field of damp grass again.
The sound my feet make on the gravel path.
The deep resonance of bird song through the woods.
The flash of sunlight on a cardinal's wing as it flits across the path.
The thought that for this cardinal this morning is the normal.
The hope held deep in my heart that someday, this will be my normal too.
A quiet prayer.
A grateful heart.
My very favorite kind of morning.