Sep 14, 2012

September Giveaway

This month's giveaway is this pair of earrings~for the pixie in you.
Please help me get the word out.  I'm so behind getting this posted~and the drawing is only a few days away on Sept 17.
In return for your help, just let me know in your comment (either here or here on my Facebook page)
that you've shared the link on your facebook page, a blog, twitter etc. and I'll put  your name in the hat twice!
Thanks everyone~and good luck!


Laurie said...

Hi Eil! I think those earrings are adorable! And yay! For once I have the first comment. :)

It's Kirsten Yo said...

Yola Aunt Eileen!! (: These earrings are super pretty! I just shared your links on Facebook ;D

Tamara said...

Adorable items! I shared your link on facebook!

Diane said...

I think the earrings are really pretty.

Lauren said...

I like how most of your comments are family =) but they are really pretty earrings!

Dave Adams said...

Those are very pretty...but do they come in a "clip-on" style for those of us that just couldn't do the pierced ear thing?
I LOVED all the pictures on the site!!! You did Hope proud with those...oh the times she went crazy at the animals on TV!! LOLOL!

Songbird Cabin said...

Thanks everyone for playing.
Thanks for linking and helping me get some exposure.
*Lauren--I know! Thank goodness for family. Without them, I'd feel like I was talking to an empty room sometimes. Maybe after another month or two of these giveaways I'll have a bunch more people playing.
*Dave--Ha! They'd look good on you~purple is your color! : )

Lauren said...

I can totally see Dave in purple!