Nov 22, 2010

Opposites Attract

Hope and Allie
There can't be 2 more different dogs--yet they get along surprisingly well. Hope doesn't care much for the company of other dogs, but she does like my Mom's dog, Allie.
She even tolerates Allie being around when she is eating. Hope is extremely possessive of her food and much to my embarrassment, has made that clear to just about every dog in our extended family.

Hope is the alpha dog of our animal family. She is the older, wiser, aloof one--respected and a little feared by the other dogs when we all get together.
Allie, on the other hand is the alpha dog of the people in our family. She basically has us all under her fuzzy little paw. She will stare at you with those piercing eyes and you will find yourself petting her even when you would rather be reading or sleeping.
I suspect that in another life she was a dictator of a small country. A benevolent, shaggy-haired dictator, but definitely the one in charge.
She has some eerily human characteristics as can be seen in Exhibits A through C below.

Exhibit A: This is not a posed picture, she actually sleeps with her head on the pillow.

Exhibit B: Dogs don't usually use armrests, do they?

Exhibit C: Ok, this is redundant, but just look at her. Pure cuteness.

She is a real character. She has enriched my Mom's life as much as my Mom has enriched hers.

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shannon said...

hey aunt leen its shannon and i love the blog:)